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Due to the success of Split for Summer, a second successful campaign, [again] partnered with Webjet was rolled out to continue subscriber acquisition and retention, giving entrants the chance to win a trip for two to the Gold Coast worth up to $5,000.

This reusable platform continues to showcase the diverse range of experiences on offer throughout the Gold Coast and allows the user to tailor make their ideal holiday escape. The results were pleasing with Split for Summer being in market just 18 months prior and therefore seeding to a similar audience(s).

In-market for 5 weeks, the campaign continues to be a fun and interactive experience utilising Facebook connect and encouraging social sharing, with bonus entries available to those who decide to share via Facebook, Email or Twitter. Plus, exclusive offers were also delivered to all entrants through automated confirmation sends.


Drive break through conversations with an engaging viral with a simple to enter, mobile-friendly acquisition campaign to grow the Gold Coast Tourism (and Webjet’s) subscriber database and brand advocacy.


66% New Subscribers
56% Opt-in to Webjet

Case Study


Gold Coast Tourism


Split for some Winter Sun
  • Showcases the diversity of experiences available on the Gold Coast, even in the cooler months, from beaches to rainforest, relaxation to retail therapy, nature to cooking delights.
  • A sophisticated campaign microsite designed for ease of entry via mobile that was a clean, engaging design featuring large hero images, plenty of open space and smooth vertical graphical transitions.
  • Entrants had the chance to win a unique Gold Coast holiday experience and plays on the notion of choice and personalisation in a simplified way.
  • Each prize was unique and offered entrants the opportunity to see the Gold coast in a different light.


XCOM were able to re-purpose an existing platform that both Gold Coast Tourism and Webjet were keen to put back into market for a second time due to it’s previous success and speed to market incentive. This simple to enter, mobile-friendly, acquisition campaign gave entrants the chance to win a unique $5,000 holiday experience on the Gold Coast.


The microsite has a clean, aspirational design featuring large hero images, plenty of open space and smooth vertical graphical and text transitions.


  • 15% increase in subscriber database
  • 66% of entrants were new subscribers
  • 49% number of shares to entrants
  • 56% opt-ins to Webjet.com.au
  • 60% of sharing was through Facebook