Outstanding results, cost effective customer acquisition and increasing brand reach and awareness for clients.

Viral Marketing

XCOM provides breakthrough award winning technology and creative services to deliver clients the very best in viral marketing and competition campaigns.

By constructing viral marketing campaigns that provide entertaining content through a trusted distribution method, XCOM Media is able to break through the clutter and deliver exceptional results to our clients.

XCOM generates results by;

  • Generating organic data growth and reach
  • Maximizing message views, impressions and actions, incorporating email forward to friend and social media sharing
  • Delivering high quality creative concepts and executions of viral campaigns and strategies that engage and entertain audiences

This is achieved through careful planning and construction to create exceptional viral marketing campaigns that provide incredible results and returns with a low cost of delivery.

XCOM has vast experience in viral marketing and referral marketing campaigns for a wide range of applications including competitions, product launches, promoting Hollywood movies, and many more – all delivering leading results, increased subscriber engagement and customer acquisition. XCOM has won various international Gold and Silver awards for our Viral Marketing campaigns and activity across a range of prominent social, viral and effectiveness categories.