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Gold Coast Tourism celebrates the iconic Gold Coast destination through driving visitors to experience its diverse range of things to see and do.

To strengthen their existing audience and activate potential new subscribers, XCOM designed and developed the ‘Split for Summer’ campaign microsite. This acquisition campaign showcased what true variety the Gold Coast really has to offer and featured relevant and compelling hooks to their existing base and social repertoires. This was also complemented by a partnership with Webjet.com.au to ignite entrants and boost acquisition (and engagement) for all.

With a fun and aspirational look and feel this successful campaign utilised Facebook connect and encouraged social sharing, with bonus entries available by sharing via Facebook, Email or Twitter. Plus, exclusive offers were also delivered to all entrants through automated sends.

The Split for Summer campaign was in-market for 5 weeks with a fantastic $5,000 unique holiday experience on offer tailored by the user.


Drive break through conversations with an engaging viral with a simple to enter, mobile-friendly acquisition campaign to grow Gold Coast Tourism (and Webjet.com.au’s) subscriber database and brand advocacy.


34% Database Increase
78% New Subscribers

Case Study


Gold Coast Tourism


Split for Summer
  • Showcases the diversity of experiences available on the Gold Coast, from Beaches to Rainforest, Relaxation to Adventure, Nature to Adrenaline.
  • A clean, engaging design featuring large hero images, plenty of open space and smooth vertical graphical transitions.
  • Entrants had the chance to win a unique Gold Coast holiday experience and play on the notion of choice and personalisation in a simplified way.
  • Each prize was unique and offered entrants the opportunity to see the Gold coast in a different light.


XCOM provided significant strategic advice and presented a number of potential acquisition concepts to Gold Coast Tourism before settling on the Split for Summer concept. This simple to enter, mobile-friendly, acquisition campaign gave entrants the chance to win a unique $5,000 holiday experience on the Gold Coast.


The microsite has a clean, aspirational design featuring large hero images, plenty of open space and smooth vertical graphical and text transitions.


  • 34% increase in subscriber database
  • 78% of entrants were new subscribers
  • 62% number of shares to entrants
  • 60% opt-ins to Webjet.com.au
  • 62% of sharing was through Facebook
  • 55% increase in new subscribers from the previous acquisition campaign