Assisting brands to deliver on their online and social media marketing goals.

Facebook Marketing

XCOM provides strategy, consulting, management and implementation services for brands wanting to participate in the social media space on Facebook.

XCOM helps brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media.

We can facilitate brands in leveraging their social networking presence by creating innovative, lucrative, unique user relationships with greater effectiveness than traditional media. We create two directional communication avenues so brands can engage in social media by having meaningful conversations with people who have opinions about their brand, whilst providing quantifiable metrics to measure the success.

By providing groundbreaking strategies and functional concepts, XCOM can assist in the adoption and implementation of new media and social networking technologies as apart of an overall integrated digital marketing campaign.

We provide:

  • Custom Facebook Applications
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Design and development
  • Operational guidance and advice for all aspects of using Facebook for highly cost effective marketing purposes

Our digital strategy services and social media strategies development capabilities can also assist brands to deliver on their online and social media marketing goals.