Helping brands to listen, understand and engage in conversations in social media.

Social Media Marketing

We believe social media has an important role to play in
a lot of organisations marketing, customer service and
customer relations efforts.

Our approach is to consider this in the context of the overall marketing objectives and the conversation strategy that will support it. We have been actively involved in this space since 2007 where we wrote our first social strategy for one of our clients (Tourism Queensland) and then played an active role in assisting them in the social space supporting their 'Best Job in the World' campaign.

XCOM has vast experience in working with big brands on delivering strategy, consulting and tactical advice, application development, social integration, and community management.

Our team have conceived and delivered some of the biggest social campaigns in our region and assisted many clients formulate their acquisition, engagement and retention programs to deliver on their overall objectives.

XCOM's view is social extends broadly across most organisations touching almost all departments from marketing to customer service and is a bidirectional communication channel rather than a one-directional marketing medium.

We might have more experience that most other agencies but you won't hear us running around calling ourselves social marketing experts – we believe that there is too much to learn and too much that is changing for anyone to claim that title but we will guarantee that we'll stay one or two steps ahead of the 'experts'.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Development for Social Media
  • Profile design, development and customisation – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social platforms
  • Blog design and development – wordpress and plug in integration
  • Facebook Applications, Facebook Campaigns, design and development, operational guidance and advice
  • Profile design, business rules for operation
  • Strategy creation, guidance and implementation, along with policy development, Crisis Management, Brand Monitoring & Protection for product and service conversations
  • Measurement, analysis and interpretation – reviewing reach, results, and engagement levels
  • Ongoing consultation and tactical advice
  • Advice or help with managing Facebook CPC Advertising
  • Social media development and integration