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Cover-More Travel Insurance engaged XCOM at the end of August 2016 to design, build and implement an ‘incentivised campaign game’ for Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) consultants.


This first project became known as ‘Slot 2 Trot’ and was a highly successful promotional campaign for Cover-More; the campaign raised the consultants’ awareness of Cover-More’s travel insurance policies and actively increased their desire to sell more Cover-More policies.

Case Study


Cover-More Travel Insurance


Slot 2 Trot


To raise FCTG consultants’ awareness of Cover-More’s travel insurance policies and actively increase their desire to sell more Cover-More policies.


Slot 2 Trot required an expedited project schedule, with fast initiation, planning and implementation and went live on October 1st 2016.

The campaign remained in-market for 2 months until the end of November 2016. Over $65,000 in prizes were given away to consultants for selling policies.

The Slot 2 Trot campaign consisted of the following components:

HTML5 Game Portal

XCOM designed & built an HTML5 Mobile Responsive Game microsite:

  • Whenever FCTG consultants sold enough policies to entitle them to play - we sent them an email with their unique URL. This link took them to their game portal and allowed them to play / redeem winnings and view their win history.
  • Slot 2 Trot featured an engaging slot machine mechanic with prize table logic and winner notifications.


  • XCOM undertook extensive mathematical modelling and prediction of consultants’ policy sales figures; examining historical performance and factoring in trends for the incentivised campaign (generous prizes rewarded for exceeding sales targets).
  • Received daily sales data from the Cover-More BI team throughout the 2x month campaign duration.
  • Daily data uploads and error validation – feedback loop to Cover-More BI team.
  • Prize table logic (including forecast and real-time management of winning probabilities) – so the prize pool was managed effectively across the campaign and the odds of winning remained attractive (when dealing with variable sales figures).


  • Mobile responsive triggered eDMs were sent to all consultant entrants. Designed to congratulate them on their success to date and incentivise them to sell more & play more.
  • Teaser, Launch, Weekly winners & Re-marketing / Last-chance eDMs.


XCOM implemented a real-time reposting dashboard, to show:

  • Consultant entrant activities - dates & times of play.
  • Results of spins & win details
  • Win odds / probabilities & prize pool exhaustion modelling.
  • Fulfilment details – prize redemption info / delivery details / tracking.
  • Data export function.


  • XCOM managed the fulfilment - acquisition & delivery of prizes.
  • XCOM selected a contractor to provide digital gift cards to facilitate a pool of instantly redeemable eGift Cards.
  • Utilised an API for direct integration with XCOM's game portal.