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The Queensland Parks Discovery website commences Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service's (QPWS) vision of moving towards excellence in digitally promoting the Queensland National Parks consumer brand.

To coincide with Queensland’s Ecotourism Plan 2013 – 2020, QPWS contracted XCOM to develop a digital marketing strategy, and one of the first projects from this work is a consumer-orientated interactive national parks guide to showcase Queensland’s unique national parks and wildlife experiences.


XCOM have developed a captivating and responsive WordPress site that focuses on the key elements of the QPWS brand, underpinned by the positioning ‘Keep discovering’ Queensland’s National Parks. The site facilitates advanced awareness of QPWS services and contributions to the community.

Case Study


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service


Parks Discovery website


To assist QPWS digitally promote national parks in Queensland while maximising Queensland’s ecotourism exposure.


XCOM and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service partnered to develop an exquisite, brand-appropriate discovery site to raise awareness of Queensland's beautiful parks and amazing wildlife.

The site was coded from scratch to be responsive and offer user-friendly administration functions within the WordPress dashboard.


The Queensland Ecotourism Plan 2013-2020 identifies the need for development of an exciting, consumer-orientated web presence for Queensland’s National Parks.

Focusing on key parks and signature experiences from Queensland’s top destinations, the site highlights the diversity of Queensland’s protected areas from marine and ancient rainforests to the subtly beautiful Queensland Outback.


  • Bring the new Queensland National Parks brand to life with the discovery site content that had previously been deployed as a printed brochure.
  • The leading objective is to re-engage Queenslanders with national parks through increased awareness of QPWS’ signature experiences.
  • Raise awareness of QPWS’ role, value and support in the community.
  • Increase QPWS' organic search ranking.
  • Engage Queensland’s youth with national parks. Increased visitation will increase connection, which increases appreciation.
  • Ensure the site allows visitors to plan their visit and make use of parks for recreation (eg. camping, mountain biking, horse riding).
  • The site includes links and further information to the Queensland National Parks Facebook page and the Queensland National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Recreation website, providing campsite booking, detailed park guides and social media driven marketing.
  • Commences Queensland's Ecotourism Plan 2013-2020.


XCOM have designed and developed a visually stunning and captivating website revealing Queensland’s unique park and wildlife experiences.

Coded from scratch with seamless user interaction and neat, free flowing pages, the Parks Discovery website is desktop, tablet and mobile compatible.

Visitors can navigate through valuable information regarding national parks and wildlife accompanied by breathtaking imagery of the varied regions of Queensland.