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XCOM designed and developed this high-performing 'Win A Trip To Hawaii' campaign for Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC). Partnering with Hawaiian Airlines and Marriott International, the campaign gave entrants the opportunity to win a two person Hawaiian holiday, including return flights and 4 nights' accommodation at the Moana Surfrider.

'Win A Trip To Hawaii' implemented a classic idea with a clean, engaging design to become one of BAC's most successful campaigns.

Running for 9 weeks, this campaign combined a user-friendly interface and an eye-catching design to offer entrants a too-good-to-miss opportunity to win a dream Hawaiian getaway.


Grow BAC's subscriber database with an easy to enter, engaging and mobile-friendly acquisition campaign. Encourage partner opt-ins and social shares.


49% New Subscribers
56% Opt-in to Hawaiian Airlines

Case Study


Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)


Win A Trip To Hawaii
  • Using XCOM's competition platform - BAC can quickly and easily produce new airline promotion campaigns.
  • Competitions with XCOM consistently prove to be one of BAC's most reliable and cost effective acquisition strategies.
  • The competition framework is accompanied with a KPI dashboard that tracks entries and shares by day.
  • Entries can be exported directly from the dashboard for BAC and/or client opt-ins.


Proving that the simplest ideas are often the most effective, this competition utilised a simple entry form that was both user-friendly and mobile-friendly. This easy to enter design allowed the amazing prize and competition partners to stand out, offering entrants a too-good-to-miss opportunity to win a dream Hawaiian holiday.


Using our 're-skinnable' competition framework, the 'Win A Trip To Hawaii' microsite featured appealing header imagery showcasing the sun and surf in Hawaii, as well as a user-friendly entry form, with the option to share the competition via email, Facebook, or Twitter to gain additional entries.


  • 49% of entrants were new subscribers
  • 56% opt-ins for Hawaiian Airlines
  • 50% opt-ins for Marriott International
  • 47% of entrants shared the competition via email (39%) or social media (8%)